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THE INCREDIBLE GENERAL Tom Aspil's wonderful stallion, The General will be resident at Abram's Farm and standing at stud for the breeding season of 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity for owners of exceptional mares to bring bone, quality and temperament into their breeding programs.   Contact Joanne and Danny to book a place:  The Stables, Abrams Farm

The Popcorn Stallion & His Beautiful Daughter

The popcorn stallion has been turning heads for a few years now and with his gleaming, golden coat and flowing mane he it is easy to see why he has so many fans.   Everyone loves a pretty horse but Popcorn has so much more than good looks.  From head to toe, this horse is perfectly put together and this is what brings performance.  Popcorn's paces are breath taking and his movement takes him from stunner to show stopper! Popcorn loves to work and he will work all day and most importantly he is kind and sensible. Popcorn has been sought for stud duties and has sired some excellent horses.  It is always exciting to see foals, but it is even better to have the chance to see them mature and ultimately work.  Popcorn is an excellent producer and passes his attributes to his progeny and for me this takes Popcorn from a special horse to an exceptional stallion. Owner, Robert Giles has carefully produced this beautiful Popcorn daughter from a filly and has enjoyed bringing her


Standing at Commanche Stud 2019 The horse speaks for himself!  Amos beany's Splash the Cash is one of the best we have ever seen - if you are taking a mare to this horse then we don't blame you! Contact: 07821024785

Robert Giles Cobs

Decades of producing and breeding exceptional cobs and still enjoying it! Robert certainly knows how to produce a cob and he also has a rare talent for spotting a goodun.  It matters not whether a diamond is mixed up with a herd of horses in winter and covered in mud or whether it is a day old - Robert will always spot a special one and produce it to the highest standard. At present, Robert has a selection of quality cobs with two current favourites who are getting ready for Appleby. The Popcorn Filly The Popcorn filly is a stunning 14.2hh palomino with plenty of charisma and beauty with also a kind and sensible temperament. This mare loves her job and has the best, effortless step.  Been out on drives and seen everything.  A real pleasure to work and do. The Boss Colt                                                                     Exceptionally pretty colt and an exciting prospect for the future - imagine this young horse at five years old. Watch

Jimmy Bower's Show Stopping Mare on Wickham

What a beautiful sight with Jimmy Bower's stunning mare on Wickham Fair.  This mare is a real show stopper and the turnout and harness topped it all off.

Tony Scott's Pride

Pride needs little introduction as he has fans throughout the UK and beyond.   I have been admiring Pride for years and I thought he was a show stopper on first sight.  However this is a horse that looks more beautiful with every appearance. Pride really does have everything you could wish for in a quality cob.  First of all he is stunning!  A handsome horse with a pretty head and a kind eye. I am sure that his owner, Tony Scott must work very hard on turn out, but it is worth it!  For me, the flowing white mane, tail and feathers make the horse look as though he has stepped off the pages of a fairy tale story. Pride isn't just beautiful, he is an exceptional working cob with the proper conformation that enables him to go all day. It is rare to see a cob whose proportions are so in balance and the combination of strength and substance with athleticism. Pride has wonderful, natural step and he always looks so happy and enthusiastic in his work. Pride has great cha

The Queenie Mare

The Queenie Mare The Queenie mare is outstanding in every respect - she really has it all.  Queenie is a beauty; a lovely old fashioned stamp of a cob with a pretty little face and amazing action.  She also has the temperament to match with a great attitude to work and the kindest nature. Queenie does everything.  She has pulled a dray, a London trolley and loves her work. Queenie has loads of presence and plenty to offer yet is sensible and honest enough to suit a novice or a child.  This is what we call a proper cob!!!